Shopware Agency Manchester, UK - Our Services

  • Online-Shop Setup (Import of product data, shipping interface, data migration, etc.)
  • Creation of sophisticated, responsive Shop Designs
  • Development of configurators (extension for "Custom Products")
  • Shopware Plugin & Template development
  • ERP Integration
  • API Integration
  • Ongoing support and emergency service

Good Online shops - our added value for you as a customer

  • Certified Shopware Business Partner from Manchester, UK
  • Steady availability and reliable emergency service
  • Short lead times for support requests / Shop adjustments
  • Pro-active approach to continuously increasing your sales & conversions

Shopware fits your requirements!

Which ERP systems are available for Shopware?

Is it important to you to offer your customers outstanding user experience at the webshop and a thoughtful order process? For this purpose, the use of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is recommended. This allows the automatic adjustment of all products information and product data, providing timely inventory, importing customer and order data, as well as automated customer notifications once the order status should change. The automated data-updates and actions are generally carried out via an API from ERP system to your webshop. The API must usually not be developed separately but are in the Community Store as free plugin available. You only need to sign a contract with the ERP-System provider to use the ERP for your shopware onlineshop. A small selection of ERP system provider for Shopware: Actindo, SoftENGINE, cateno, sync4 and many more. We are happy to advise you in selecting the right ERP partner.

Our recommendation for Shopware Hosting Provider

The Shopware AG cooperates with selected hosting providers, which have Shopware pre-installed on your desired server-invorenment.. This offers the advantage that you can immediately start setting up your Webshop. We are happy to work together with the ProfiHost AG, which offer the best price-performance ratio, in our view. Most Shopware Hosting Partner also offer discount if you make an annual rather than a monthly payment. When choosing a hosting package for your store you need to consider how much of visitors you expect each day. We are happy to advise you which hosting package to choose.

Do you need a custom Shopware Template?

You want to have a complete custom template for your shop? The Shopware AG provides a deep and solid documentation of their system for developers. This allows the maximum individualization of shop systems and developing plugins for front-end scenarios, for example, improve the operability. Our certified template Engineers and developers are there for you to realize your desired shop.